Social Branding : Picking the Right Name

In helping many DJ’s, music producers, artists and small businesses organize information for their marketing efforts, a common topic of discussion is how to properly set up social media and email so that you can be easily found.

However, with so many people and businesses using the internet, it can often be difficult to secure your desired user name. If that user name (or sometimes called “handle”) is different from Soundcloud to Twitter to Instagram, your first step in branding is inconsistent and you may appear unprofessional.

The best practice in social media branding is to pick a word combination & use that across all platforms.

Yes – this is tricky as most names have been taken but if you don’t take care of this now, you will in the future and it will be even more difficult as time passes.

For example – bass music producer and DJ SomeJerk uses @iamsomejerk for Instagram and Twitter, but uses @somejerk for his Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Facebook as he was able to secure those with just his brand name.

White there are two handles total, this is much better than having a different name per social media platform. He has also secured for his website and email.

While all this amy seem trivial at the moment, picture a business card with 3 different URL’s for social media:

The most important thing is that it is consistent across all platforms, so that no matter where someone is looking for you, they’ll find you the same way. With the same name.

Looks a bit untidy. Not only are the URLs long, they’re hard to remember. Since you can’t click on a business card, or anything printed for that matter, you want to create something memorable.

This is the challenging part – more than likely your name, unless you’ve completely made it up, has already been taken. You can spend time searching to see if a combination of your name and city, or other words that may fit.

Now notice this variation in design – the handle is prominently and confidently displayed on the card and works for all of the social media outlets that are below in icon form. You can assume that most other services not listed will be at the same location.

This process may take a couple of days and a bit of consideration but it is well worth the time over the long run. As time passes, available names are being eaten up faster than we can count. Securing your availability with a “good name” is essential to creating any strong brand.

In the future we will continue with some more branding advice. For now, why don’t you check out some more of our posts?

If you need help with branding your company, hire a professional. The author of this article can be contact at Chroma13.

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