MMW 2018 Bass Music Guide

Welcome to Miami - what brings you here?

Perhaps you are one of the 38 million tourists that visit our fabulous city and maybe you're here on spring break - more specifically one of the 165,000 that will attend Ultra Music Festival.

If this is your first visit to Miami - welcome - be sure to drink lots of water, get sleep when you can and try some food you've never had before. We've got a little bit of everything here. Speaking of doing things differently - as natives to the Miami party scene, we implore you to see what's beyond Ultra Music Festival and check out some of the fun events we've hand selected below.

Our tastes gravitate towards drum and bass, dubstep, and hiphop but we've sprinkled in some fun house and techno events as well.

If you still haven't gotten your promotional material in check, know that we can direct mail stickers, business cards and anything else you might need to hustle during MMW.

Check out our store and get what you need, right to your hotel, Air BNB or uncle's house.

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