Social Branding : Picking the Right Name

In helping many DJ’s, music producers, artists and small businesses organize information for their marketing efforts, a common topic of discussion is how to properly set up social media and email so that you can be easily found. However, with so many people and businesses using the internet, it can often be difficult to secure […]

Free Creepy / Halloween Fonts

It’s that time of the year where the weather gets to be a little more chill, the leaves change color and you need a Halloween themed font for your design! Whether it’s for a Halloween party flyer, your punk band or any other occasion, we’ve hand selected some haunted typefaces for your usage.

4 Resources For Free Fonts, Stock Images & Design Layouts

Vecteezy Those of us that love high quality vector art work and don’t want to spend very much (at all!) on creating our designs know that Vecteezy is a great resource .  Sometimes to get inspiration I will “browse by newest” and scan around until something catches my eyes. Most of the time, however, I […]

5 Great Free Fonts for DJ Logos

Creating a logo for a DJ is easy nowadays. With the multitude of resources at a designers disposal, something eye catching and memorable can be created without much effort. Here are five cool fonts that we have selected that we think could make excellent logos for DJ’s and electronic music artists.